FCC - Where’d the App Go? A Post with Many Links

As the times change, so do we! Please bear with us as the vendors we have depended on for our online presence are shifting and changing. I hope this notice can help us navigate the uncharted waters together.

The FCC App we used to have through PushPay and eChurch is no more. If you click on it, you’ll get a sign that says, “Gone Fishing.” We ended our relationship with them over the summer, and as a result have had to let go of that app. We are enlisting a marketing firm to help us with our website and our messaging, so that all the various things that used to be on the app will populate our website in a more helpful way. Please stay tuned. In the meantime, you have questions, I’m sure!

How do I give online, now that we’ve made these changes? How do I access the church directory? What about the audio sermons? The calendar? Consider this blog post your FREE one-stop-app-shop as we begin that important work of rebuilding and retooling for the future.

Our website can be found at www.fcc-charlotte.org. With it is access to the church calendar, this blog, basics about our church, the wedding policy (and more things to come). To give electronically, please visit www.easytithe.com/fccclt. To get to the online directory, you’ll need to find the app called CTRN (think of the 70’s song, “Come Together, Right Now). It can be downloaded through Apple or Android phones. To get to the online directory by computer instead of mobile device, go to fcccharlotte.ctrn.co. You’ll need a username and password. David Kingsbery, Tom McElroy, or Tami Toler in the church office can help you with that. To hear audio sermons, check out SoundCloud (also an app, but can be accessed by computer too at www.soundcloud.com/fcccharlotte. On SoundCloud we are First Christian Church Charlotte. To read the Bible online, biblegateway.com can help with that. The NRSV translation we use is found at https://www.biblegateway.com/versions/New-Revised-Standard-Version-NRSV-Bible/.

The marketing firm TalenAlexander is going to help us with our logos, signage, and online presence. Not only is this a world-class marketing firm, but it is also one with a commitment to take on a few not-for-profits (like us) every year at a more affordable rate. They have a strong desire to enhance what we already have here and help us update and communicate more clearly with this world that is constantly changing around us. We consider this opportunity a great blessing and are excited about what is to come.

Stay tuned! I’ll keep you updated (and so will others in our leadership team, I’m certain!).