Our current sermon series about faith sharing has officially begun. Before we can share our faith, we need to figure out what that faith actually is. These exercises are offered as a means to gain clarity about one’s own walk with God. The task for this week is to pick ONE of these three exercises and try it out. Pick the one that speaks to you and follow through. It will help you to write or record something about whatever insights are gleaned from this experience.

Exercises for the week of May 6-12–pick only one!

Write a letter: After about 5 minutes in prayer, write or dictate a letter FROM God TO you. This letter may be written out by hand, typed into a computer, or typewriter, or recorded on your phone. Whatever method you use to create this letter, keep a permanent copy you can refer to later and share with yourself when you need reminding.

Do an examen: reflect on a day or a week with God by 1) making a list of your actions and schedule for a day or week just lived, 2) review that day or week and how you were feeling or what you were thinking at various moments as you followed through with the tasks you just listed in step 1. 3) Give thanks to God for the good of that day or week, naming those blessings in prayer, 4) Confess your sin evident in this day or week. Ask for God’s forgiveness about those times you fell short and ask what it would take to make amends with people whom you have wronged—knowing God’s grace is abundant and available, 5) Seek the meaning in the events of your day or week. Are there patterns evident in what happened and how you responded? Did Jesus ever encounter something similar? What do you believe God would want you to know and consider about your day or week? Write down or record your thoughts.

Talk to a confidant: Answer the following questions and share your answers with someone who is a good listener . . . How did you decide that God was real? When did you experience God for the very first time? In what event in your life do you see God’s fingerprints all over? You are not trying to convince this person of the existence of God. You are trying to remind yourself of God’s presence in your life, God’s love for you. Don’t seek to convince, just try to notice and name it. At the end of your conversation, extend thanks to your friend who has listened to you.

The journey toward faith-sharing begins! Next week: “Do Tell . . . Claiming the Story of Us” and Psalm 23. If you can’t join us in person on Sunday morning, join us on Facebook live on this page at 11 am, EDT : https://m.facebook.com/fcccharlotte/

FCC - Do Tell . . . God’s Great Reveal, Exercises for May 6-12