Imagine a World with More . . .
Sermon Series Through June 6!

Imagine a world with more. More compassion. More hope. More justice. More of God’s limitless love, ignited in our communities. We are all in a season of imagining anew how to do those things we used to take for granted. As restrictions lift and opportunities open up after two difficult years, we Christians are invited to consider what it means to be God’s people, to study scripture, to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ in this new world. Often, we get trapped by fear, asking, “What if there is not enough? What if we are not enough?”

Instead, what if we imagined a world with MORE? What if we imagined a world in which God’s love was limitless? A world where there was more hope, more love, more connection? What would our communities look like? Who would be changed in a world with more? What would be transformed?

In the next few weeks, we will be imagining what might just happen if we really accepted God’s invitation to reveal to the world what the love of God really looks like.