In a time as challenging as COVID-19 has been, it’s amazing that people can still come together to spread a little joy for those in need. That’s exactly what First Christian Church and non-profit Project Outpour are trying to achieve by providing free hot showers in a mobile shower unit for Charlotte’s homeless.

“I really believe that it’s continuing the ministry of Jesus to do things like this. To interact with people that very often the world doesn’t want to see…If you’re homeless, you are in public spaces all the time. And there is no place where you just go in your room and close your door and you’ve got four walls around you. It’s a big deal.” – Pastor Jolin McElroy

At the moment, opportunities for the homeless to receive basic needs such as food, shower, and shelter are either restricted by COVID or difficult to get to.

In an effort to fill the gap in assistance for the homeless in Charlotte, First Christian Church provides a service to them in the hopes that shower will help them maintain proper hygiene while receiving a little bit of hope and love from the community along the way.

Please continue to stay safe, protect yourselves, and protect others.