Sermon Series June 12 – August 28

If you could do something – anything in the world – without the fear of failure or harm, what would it be? Is there an attempt at something you’re putting on the back burner because of the risks involved? What if you could walk through your life with enough courage to follow your instincts, dreams and aspirations? This sermon series will look at courage.

Did you know the phrases “do not fear,” “fear not,” and “do not be afraid” are repeated in the Bible over 300 times? Fear is a big problem for us in this life, and yet God finds ways to tell us, again and again, not to give in to fear – especially when it comes to living out our calling and pursuing the best for humankind. Imagine what could happen if we didn’t allow fear to prevent us from doing the right thing? How would our world look if we all held to the courage of our convictions?

Bold, Radical, Courageous, Fearless Faith. Explore it with this special series.