Note: I’m new at this blogging thing.  This post was written and shared on July 4th, but it didn’t render properly.  So it has been reposted here.  Happy 6th of July!

Today, since it was Monday, the Dilworth Soup Kitchen (hosted by our church, meeting in our Fellowship Hall every Monday) prepared a fabulous meal. Guests weren’t plentiful, because the buses were running on a holiday schedule. Those who came to us walked, mostly. Can you imagine making a walk on a hot day like today and arriving at a soup kitchen not serving because of a holiday? So, of course we were open. We had fewer volunteers than we ever do. But the meal was phenomenal. BBQ, slaw, potato salad, deviled eggs, green salad, fruit salad, and baked beans.

By the end of the meal, I realized something. Some tables had only one person. Some tables had no one. Some tables had a few friends leaning back, drinking their tea, laughing together, eating way too much food (portions were generous, because we had so few guests). I’d walk by, look over the group at a table, wonder if they wanted anything. “Nope. Doing great,” they’d say, refilling their glasses with sweet tea. And I thought, isn’t this what holidays are supposed to be like? Friends come together, spread out, take it easy, eat too much food, and do nothing for a while. Yes, that’s what holidays are all about. We even had guests visit us from Brazil–something else that happens at gatherings and celebrations. We meet new people and welcome them into the fold. So it was a day for people who walked a distance to put their feet up and enjoy rest. It made me smile.

Happy 4th of July, whoever you are. May there be some rest, some laughter, some really good food, and people to welcome you to it. DSK 4th of July 2016