Dear God,

Sure seems like we have been spending lots of time together lately . . . So much sickness, struggles, turmoil and unrest has spilled into our lives.  Even our own city and sometimes our own neighborhoods have been affected.

I know that it’s all in your plan and I trust in you to bring us through these difficult times.

But today I want to take a moment just to say, “Thank you” for letting my path cross with this kindhearted, loyal friend that we celebrate today.  He’s still pretty new at this “God” stuff so please show him around and answer his questions.  (This got a slight chuckle). I’m sure in your book he is listed as Raymond Earl Robertson but he likes to be called “Robby”. . . . Sometimes “Rob” and when his gruff exterior is exposed it sometimes became “grouchy old man” . . . To my daughter whom he teased relentlessly it was “you old goat” and to my granddaughter who adored him it was “Robby Boy.”

Also, he’s never seen gates of Pearl or streets of gold.  He was a simple man.  So please take him by the hand and show him around.  As you stroll by the River of Life maybe you can hand him a rod and let him spend some time fishing; another of his loves.

If you need help setting the banquet table–Robby’s your man.  I’ve never seen a finer table set.  Everything had to be just right.

Perhaps on occasion you an crack a window and let him check on his nephews and other family.  He was always so proud of them and spoke lovingly of them often.

He loves eagles so if you need any help caring for them he would love that task.  Or maybe he could just sit back and watch their majesty and you could share what a treat it was to create such a magnificent creature.

Please remind him how thankful I have always been to him for caring for Jeff when he wasn’t able to care for himself and for teaching him to be a man.  He passed along some of the years of wisdom much like a father would.  he was a loyal friend.

But he’s in your arms now; a place of peace and rest.  The cancer took a toll on his frail body and he deserves the kind of rest that only you can provide.

So thank you again, God, for allowing us to “adopt” him into our family on earth.  I hope the love that our family shared with Robby will forever continue to grow.  Rest in Peace, Robby, you will forever be present in our hearts and we will always love you!  Amen.

P.S.  You might want to kept an eye on Rob and Mrs. Jane Parke.  If there is a remote chance of any mischief in Heaven, those two will surely find it.